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Last Update 16 October 2013

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Over the years, I’ve heard people spit out tons of pretentious statements of type,

” Oh, my God, an analysis of Native American women who fell off the eiffel tower, which I accept.

I’ve always laughed at such statements, for most of my school and my college career, the idea that any class should be universally demanding, seemed silly …

Different people have different styles of learning, different interests, different abilities. Some people are best suited to take a series of lessons, while others are best experimenting with and.

” Some kind of compulsory education is a good reading, a letter, rhyme, everything that jazz-but all the practice, when everyone takes the same classes for many years, has always left sour taste in your mouth …

Einstein said,” Everybody’s a genius. But if you judge the fish by its ability to climb a tree, she will live his whole life, believing it’s silly. “

However, in the course of this blog, I have received many letters from students asking for classes they should accept ..

Some people have asked about the Majore in general, and while I have ideas on which force majeure may be more useful than some others, I do not have a “go-to” major that I would recommend to all. It wouldn’t make any sense …

Others, however, simply asked about the classes they should take to complete their general education requirements. These questions were considered by me: which classes I will do.

At the end, I came with six. Here they are in all their glory, together with my justification for why I believe that they should be mandatory. I have also included some resource references for each theme, so you can learn by yourself if you are interested.

Here’s the foundation. While someone might see a class of speech.

Now that I’m saying that I’m going to make the students take a logical course, you might think I’m talking about.

That’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I think that symbolic logic is useful because it helps people learn how to form logical statements in their heads. It’s good practice …

However, I have seen logical classes where students perform symbolic logic problems within a few weeks. I’d spend it all day or two, because it’s most people, maybe someday. The rest of the time will be spent on.

The rest of the unpreparedness, the human mind will be afraid of all logistical consequences, harmful heuristic and prejudice and other mental errors (example:

They say that they say the public is fear #1 in the world. They say it’s more than death …

It doesn’t matter that we don’t know who they are. Do not pay attention to the people who say that this does not usually specify what it is.

I want you to take all these objections, because there’s a chance.

Jennifer Florin, founder and CEO of Experience, Inc.,

“Of all the things that employers employ to hire starter talents, these are so-called” soft skills “ that are most valued:

I added a talker, but the order didn’ t change. A letter on the wall, friend, employers want you to be a good communicator!The language lessons will help you.

  • You’ll learn.
  • You will gain experience in gathering convincing presentations.
  • At some point in your career, you will probably be asked to give a performance. It’s a lot better for everyone to be nervous about this.

    As an additional benefit, accepting the class of speech, will help you.

    It’s no secret that a good percentage of college students can’t write their way out of plastic wrapping. There are a couple of supporting facts for this assertion, which explores my own experience:

  • I took a 300-level business class during my sophomme, all the others in the class were senior and ready to graduate. We had to review other student documents, their writing often looked like this …
  • One of my friends thought college was written. This is not as if all of its orientation work was said by “College Engineering” in the title or something …
  • Besides, we have people like this guy.In the 11th grade, I took an advanced English composition class. It turned out to be

    At first, I hated this class, because the workload was a little higher than the fact that most of the other classes I took up to now gave me.

    By the end of the semester, I knew a few things. The fifth isn’t grass seeds, you can’t just throw them at random. It’s a thing. It’s his …

    I knew those things.Someone might say that I’m biased because I earn mostly by writing. I’m not biased. We do what we’ve done these days, doing a lot of talking to people we don’t talk to. Written communication is important, and every time it is not clear, poorly formed or difficult to read, it wastes valuable time and resources ..

    This is the world we live in.

  • First of all, let’ s get started.
  • If you are looking for a sentence structure/grammar guide,
  • Well, maybe I lied a little. I’d like to.

    Every semester, I’d start my own private financial class by bringing in college to talk to the class.

    ” Hey, guys, like Chad and I finished with a remarkable degree in philosophy from Beach-The-Beach-&-10,000-Miles-Away-From-Your-Parents-University back in 2012! Unfortunately, I had to borrow $50,000 to do it. Now I have to come from $575 every month for 20 years to return …

    My work with philosophy pays me $2,500 a month, but the rent here in the bay is $1,500, and I have a car and a cell phone to pay for it. I think what I’m trying to say is … can someone change a cheeseburger? “.

    Then I will bring another college with different experience:

    ” Hey, guys, I’m Stephanie and I graduated from my home state in 2010, taking into account the degree of economy. I didn’ t want to take on too many debts, so I did the first two years at the community college to get my entire gene. -exit the path …

    The university was still like $5,000 a semester, but I was working to get some scholarships and saved money from part-time work I worked at the local college to pay for most of this training. I also got excited and involved in conferences to get my name out there, so I was able to find a good job right out of college, even though my school is not so prestigious …

    At best, I don’t have a student debt, so I can save about $300 a month! And $200 in my Dragon Ball Digest.From there we started the basics: how to open a bank account, fulfill our taxes, calculate the compound interest, set the budget, etc. You will be surprised by the number of college students who do not even know the URL of the FAFSA site. Or maybe you’re not …

    I’d probably beg, too.The books I mentioned in the paragraph above will be

  • A couple of my favorite personal financials.
  • In the near future, expect more personal financial and debt content in CIG ..
  • It was a fact that never ceased to surprise me when I thought of it. This is:.

    Almost every person in the country has a small object of plastic, metal and glass. They carry this object almost all the time …

    This object is a.

    Viewed in connection with the rest of human history, possession of this type of object is the same.

    So why does the following situation happen so often?

  • A man wants to do something.A man doesn’t know how to do it.A man immediately gives up or asks a friend to help them do it.
  • I’m helping people, but seriously, we have.

    I was going to call this class “data-sharking,” in honor of Seth Godin.

    Searching for a solution is someone who:.

  • I’m ready for self-sufficiency if we face a problem or an unknown fact.
  • Knows how to use technology and other tools to find solutions.
  • May be innovative when the solution is not obvious.
  • Knows when to ask for help (hint: this is not immediately).
  • Matt ringel’ s article.

    I became a first-rate search for solutions when I was working at the technology center of my school. I should have been. My job was to fix computer problems over the phone – a lot of the problems I’ve never encountered. This was not a rare case where the solution was not in the database, so I often have to quickly find a fix to find a fix …

    My class will work almost the same way. Every day, my students will have an obvious problem, and they will have to figure out how to solve them on their own …

    While this is generally not considered as a “school subject”, I believe that the study of this skill is extremely useful as a student.

  • You will learn how to find solutions by challenging yourself to find solutions to problems. It’s a skill to learn on your own …
  • A good search for solutions is always in the search for tools and resources that can help them work better. You can check mine.Finally, I would force every student to professional skills. Maybe I’d call it “how to find a job.” I’d like to include all the good things:
  • How to write your résumé and avoid.
  • The networking and building of relationships is in a non-handmade, unfated form.
  • It’s good to interview.
  • Creating a cohesive social media presence that benefits you.
  • It is good to dress for professional events (this includes a visit to the tailor).
  • All my classes will be focused.

  • I’ve written a lot about professional skills and personal branding, which is one of my main directions in CIG. Perhaps the best place to start would be.
  • And lastly, I have the last decree before my time as a man, the omnisnable president of the university is over:

    I think that is where the best compromise between compulsory education and self-study is there. ”Here are the classes I think you need to take; now, show me that you know enough one, and I will get you out.”

    So, what’s your opinion of my class?

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