Ten myths about your first year of your colleague

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If you're a college student in the United States, you'd probably start a week or so (if you don't already know). For many of you, this will be your first semester of college ...

Since I'm going to start my senior year, I've been thinking about all the things I've done and learned over the last three years. Hard to believe he left so fast ...As far as I understand, I understand that most of the college was.

Nowhere was it more truer than my first year at college ...

There are many myths floating around your first year. Some of them contain the truth, but many of them are overpopulated by the freshmen of firewood. It sucks ' cause you've got enough to think about it ...

To help you start the semester a little more blissfully, today's mail will be debunched.

The list is by no means comprehensive, but it affects the ideas that I have often heard, or are often seen in places like Reddit. I hope you'll make it easier and amuse yourself a little bit.Okay, that's not entirely false. You should think about it.But often, you won't have that choice with the courses you take in the first semester. You are the last group of people who are registering, and many of your classes dream of ...

Of course, if you can, I encourage you to take a few classes that interest you and help you meet the requirements for the general (if your school has one). Thus, it is a win-win victory regardless of whether you like your class ..

And even in a broader sense, you should stop worrying about how your core relates to your future viper. There's a chance.

You will learn the general types of skills that will help you on the way, but your specificity is unlikely to be tied.

In sum, be intentional in picking the first semesters, and take the courses seriously, but do not frighten them if they are not consistent with your 10-year plan (more about this later) ..

I'm so sick of this. It seems that there is a thread at the beginning of each school year.

I think that this myth is based on two common problems for students:

Or often just "without planning." Yes, if you wait until the last minute for each job, one of the three categories will suffer (in fact, it is usually all) ..

If you forgot that you have the paper tomorrow, because you didn' t put it on yours.You can easily avoid this madness.

It's very common to have sex with you in the first year. The usual day for me then looked like this:.

  • 12-3: Visit to the session.
  • 3-3:30: lunch scarf.
  • 3:30-4: A saxophone lesson.
  • 5-6:30: Hashing the practice of the group.
  • 6:30-7:00: Respiration of the dinner.
  • 7-9: the practice of jazz ensemble.
  • 9-11: to save at home.
  • 11-3: finish off the homework between the disconnect of the Internet-distraction before it falls into bed.
  • And it was only one day. I had 10 different meetings, practices and meetings over the course of the week ...

    This created a schedule with.

    Because I falsely believed that it was "what had to be," I didn' t do anything to change it until the second year, when I finally cut the schedule back to something more manageable ...

    "Create a schedule with additional margin".

    I advise you to avoid mistakes and create a graph with a big piece. If you would like to know how to do it (you still make terrific assessments and spend incredible time), I recommend that you reserve the Cal Newport's.

    To be honest, you'll probably still outweigh yourself.

    I remember that my last few years of high school seniors, my teachers would say something like this:

    "No one will hold a hand there, so it's better to learn to work on your own."

    Usually it was a line they pulled when no one was doing a homework assignment or when it seemed like people were doing it. I remember it was pretty motivating at the time, but also.

    It's easy for high school students who hear the version of this threat to commit a jump with.

    However, these statements are quite different statements. You're not in your own college.But many resources exist if you want them! In fact, I would say that you have access to more resources in college than ever before:

    It's just a fraction of the resources you have in college. The common thread among all of them is that they can only help you if you want them ...

    It's not that no one cares about your ego. It's just college is a big place, and you need to find and use the service you need ...

    And if you're not sure the service you're talking about, ask! Please contact your RA, your senior student, or any of your student services.

    I go to college in a small, relatively isolated town in the northeastern state of Ohio. The nearest major city is 45 minutes away. We have a movie theater, a megaard, and one sad, limited bus system. No college or club in the form ...

    A lot of people come to the conclusion that I have to leave town every weekend to have fun. How they wonder if you could amuse everyone in.

    Short answer is what you need.

    You can make your own fun, big city or not. You don't mind, there are people who probably go crazy living in such a small town, and even I admit that I'm planning to move somewhere more after college ...

    But your own fun is part of college. Damn, that's part of the height ...

    "My favorite American story: we lived there, where nothing happened and we did something ourselves."

    Remember, if everywhere you go is boring, then the common denominator is not the rest of the world, but.

    It's complicated. The thing is, yes, you'll probably be drifting from people you knew at school. This is inevitable, especially if you go to different colleges (especially if one of you is chasing.

    But it shouldn't be like that.Since I've been in college for eight hours from my hometown, it usually means I have to be the one who made the effort. Whether or not we are all at home in recess or taking away.

    Of course, you don't have to be afraid to lose old friends.College will put you at a much wider intersection than before. Hug it and take it as an opportunity to become friends with people you never would have imagined ...

    All of this suggests that your relationship is not beyond your control. Please accept that not everything will be the last, but know that the drifting part is not guaranteed ..

    If you're kind of like me, the way you imagined that college was in the form of a movie. Films kind of.

    One of the stereotypes that perpetuates such films is the frat party as an epithet of social interaction of the college. If you don't pull out the kig and yell at people in a packed room full of lights and bad decisions, you don't "do the college right."

    I'm probably hanging out in someone else' s room for the week, playing

    And these are just some of the things that are available.

    It's such a tired phrase, but "you're making you" should be your motto when it comes to socialization at college ...

    Or two, three, or even four hours. The number varies, but it is an idea that many colleges are promoting. You probably have a professor who will tell you about this first semester ...

    I'm here to tell you this.

    This is how much time you have to spend on materials outside the class:

    It's funny to think you'll spend as much time on your lung as hard as it is. It's just a waste of time. If the class does not require you to register the number of hours you spend on your work (unlikely), all of this matters ...

    If you can complete the assignment in thirty minutes, don't spend another hour for that, because you think you need to "put it in your time." Use this time for more complex assignments.

    In practice, that's what you're gonna end up anyway. There is a natural tridge that develops with your classes, where you learn how much time each has to spend. Accept this way of work and.

    The ability to work efficiently and effectively is a valuable skill for any career, so you will do me a favor if you develop it at college ...

    Remember: There is no "best" way to work-just how works best for you ..

    College is a cooking time, no doubt. I was waving my stake in the Nolle, covering the crackers, and in my time I frowed with the abundance of solvents. But it's not necessary to eat.

    If you have a power plan, it's not that complicated. Just eating mainly vegetables, fruit and proteins.

    And if you're cooking your own food, the solution will be the same. Just learn to prepare some healthy, flexible dishes like Styra Fry. Invest in more than one storage container with covers, prepare in large batches a couple of times a week and.

    You can easily eat, as in most parts of the United States, about $20 a week, maybe less if you are good at trading and trading. It's enough to survive, even if you only have one.

    If you want more information, Thomas and Martin did one of the podcasts.

    Unfortunately, it's a myth that persists even in college. Listed to the students who claim that every moment in college and the next few years can make you feel like a helpless elephant ...

    First, people who make such grand plans do not have more control over the future than you. It can comfort some people to lay out these things, and this is not necessarily a terrible exercise ...

    But I almost guarantee that if one of those grandized planners back in ten years, they would have acknowledged that things were a lot.

    Second, too detailed a plan can limit your openness to valuable opportunities and opportunities. Whatever it is for the Wright brothers, if they said, "Well, making planes doesn't fit us in the description of our bicycle manufacturer, so we can't do that."

    This idea goes hand in hand with not hops. You need time.

    I have a plan. But don't be afraid to change it.

    " If you believe that friends are scarce, this will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. ".

    So it's true that the first semester of your first year is a great time to make friends. You have a secure community with all classmates:

    This (and, in fact, many of the myths in this article) comes in part because of the presence.

    On the other hand, if you find out that everyone you're seeing is a potential friend and that

    I haven't met (or at least close) some of my best friends before the young year.

    When you encounter something strange and unknown, as a college, it's natural to find information wherever you can. Every premonition or anecdote seems to pull the veil of secrecy for a couple of inches. But the thing is, you don't know what college is.Besides, you're not like that.

    Do whatever you want from college. Do something great. It's only four years, and shit, they're going fast ...

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